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Author: Kinderen, de
Jaap Gordijn, Floris De Haan, Sybren Kinderen, de and Hans Akkermans. Needs-driven bundling of hosted ICT services. In Van Bommel, Hoppenbrouwers, Overbeek and Barjis editors, Proceedings of POEM 2010, Vol. 68:16-30 of LNBIP, Springer, 2010. Abstract
Sybren Kinderen, de, Jaap Gordijn, Rose-Marie Droes and Franka Meiland. A computational approach towards eliciting needs-driven bundles of healthcare services. In BLED 2009 Proceedings, 2009. PDF Abstract
Sybren Kinderen, de, Jaap Gordijn and Hans Akkermans. Reasoning about customer needs in multi-supplier ICT service bundles using decision models. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Pages 131-136, 2009. PDF Abstract
Jaap Gordijn, Sybren Kinderen, de, Vincent Pijpers and Hans Akkermans. E-Services in a Networked World: From Semantics to Pragmatics. In J Domingue, Dieter Fensel and P Traverso editors, Proceedings of FIS 2008, Vol. 5468:44-57 of LNCS, Springer Verlag, 2009. PDF Abstract
Sybren Kinderen, de and Jaap Gordijn. Reasoning About Substitute Choices And Preference Ordering in e-Services. In Zohra Bellahsène and Michel Léonard editors, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Vol. 5074:390-404 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Berlin (D), 2008. PDF Abstract
Sybren Kinderen, de and Jaap Gordijn. E3service: A model-based approach for generating needs-driven e-service bundles in a networked enterprise. In Proceedings of 16th European Conference on Information Systems, 2008. PDF Abstract
Jaap Gordijn, Sybren Kinderen, de and Roel Wieringa. Value-Driven Service Matching. In 16th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, Pages 67-70, EEE Computer Society Press, 2008. PDF
Sybren Kinderen, de and Jaap Gordijn. E3service : An ontological approach for deriving multi-supplier IT-service bundles from consumer needs. In Ralph H. Sprague editor, Proceedings of the 41st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Pages 318, IEEE CS, 2008. PDF Abstract
Best paper nomination.
Sybren Kinderen, de and Jaap Gordijn. Matching Complex Consumer Needs with e-Service Bundles. In P. Walden, M. Lynne Markus, J. Gricar and G. Lenart editors, Proceedings of the 19th BLED conference (eValues), Pages cdrom, University of Maribor, Maribor, SL, 2006. PDF Abstract
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