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  e3value in Ghana.

The VUA offers a master level course on e3value in Ghana, at The Institute for Advanced ICT studies, Kumasi. Below some photographs.

The Institute for Advanced ICT studies, Kumasi, Ghana

The students and staff

The students and the teachers of module 6: eBusiness Innovation (eCommerce)

Hans Akkermans speaking with the Academic Officer of The Institute

Jaap Gordijn preparing the next lecture in the board room

Hans Akkermans doing his lecture

Students listening

The NetReadiness workshop on the whiteboard

Part of the NetReadiness outcome on the whiteboard

NetReadiness result for The Institute

The intermediate test, everyone passed

Jaap Gordijn, giving an e3value lecture


 Files and links
Advanced topics 11/14/07
551.18 KB
How to assess economic sustainability? 11/14/07
610.33 KB
Some examples of value webs in various industries 11/14/07
510.55 KB
Developing a multi actor value web 11/14/07
420.64 KB
Developing an elementary value web 11/14/07
355.22 KB
An introduction into e3value modelling 11/14/07
219.05 KB
Developing a value hierarchy 11/14/07
181.77 KB
Porter's value chain and comments 11/14/07
940.88 KB
Porter's five forces model and value chain 11/14/07
720.18 KB
An introduction into basic eBusiness concepts 11/14/07
647.81 KB
Results of the NetReadiness workshop at the Advanced ICT Institute, Kumasi, Ghana 11/04/07
141.12 KB
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