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This pages contains posters produced by us.

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This poster presents the VITAL project. 11/02/06
1.51 MB
This poster presents the research streams in VITAL in a nutshell. 11/02/06
174.11 KB
In value models, services can be transferred for money, and can be bundled. This poster focuses on the reasoning process we have in mind to match vague consumer needs with available services in a network of enterprises. 10/29/06
3.97 MB
Value models and IS architectures should be properly aligned. This poster illustrates our research to discuss such alignment in a model-based way. 10/29/06
1.58 MB
Strategic considerations motivate the composition of networked value constellations. The aim of this research is to reason about this strategic motivations, in relation to value models as expressed by e3value. 10/29/06
13.35 MB
Poster about the CRISP project 07/07/06
1.26 MB
Poster about the CRISP project 07/07/06
1003.97 KB
Poster about the OBELIX project as presented at the IST conference 07/07/06
2.71 MB
Poster about the OBELIX project 07/07/06
966.01 KB
Poster about the FRUX project 07/07/06
1.32 MB
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