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 Third party tools

Some third parties tools are handy to use in combination with the e3editor


For exporting pictures, the best way is to export a SVG file, and to import this file into Adobe Illustrator, or to use another drawing tool. You can then export the SVG file to the format you like. As a free tool, Inkscape can be used.


If you use LaTeX for writing documents, you can use Excel2Latex to have the Excel sheets in the form of LaTeX tables.


If you want to explore the e3value models yourself, e.g. for further processing, you can use a generic RDF editor such as Protege.


 Files and links
Protege is a generic ontology editor that can be used to read the rdf files that the e3editor produces 05/09/06
size unknown
With Illustrator, you can import SVG files and export in many graphical formats 05/09/06
size unknown
With Inkscape, you can import SVG files and export in many graphical formats 05/09/06
size unknown
A Visio stencil that can be used to draw value hierarchies 10/12/06
9 KB
A stencil for e3value to be used with Visio 09/27/06
45 KB
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